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 Discord / https://discordapp.com Discord / https://discordapp.com
Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile apps, and more.

Downloads Downloads
Download Discord for Windows, macOS, Linux, and on your iOS or Android device.

Developer Portal Developer Portal
Developer Portal

Discord Support Discord Support
Discord is the only cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. With the Discord Android app you can stay connected to all your ...

Open Source Open Source
Open Source

Jobs at Discord Jobs at Discord
Apply for jobs at Discord HQ and build a sweet chat app that millions of gamers use to play with their friends. Check out company information including perks ...

Company Company

Hulp nodig? Wij staan voor je ... Hulp nodig? Wij staan voor je ...
Hulp nodig? Wij staan voor je ...

Nitro Nitro
EVERNOTE PREMIUM →. An illustration for the concept of collaboration: three heads with cubes inside, connected together. Collaborate with your team.

Discord Status Discord Status
Resolved - We still have one database machine that is offline intentionally at this point. We are waiting until we're off of peak traffic before turning it back online.

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