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 Digit.co | Sign Up For Digit Today | Automatically Save MoneyAd www.digit.co/ Digit.co | Sign Up For Digit Today | Automatically Save MoneyAd www.digit.co/
Digit.co | Sign Up For Digit Today | Automatically Save MoneyAd www.digit.co/

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Digit / https://digit.co Digit / https://digit.co

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You save money without realizing it. You don't have to keep a minimum amount in Digit and you can withdraw ... How is Digit different than a recurring bank savings transfer? ... Digit Pay lets you make automatic payments to any major credit card ... You can activate Digit Pay by setting a "credit card debt" goal in the app.

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Digit Help Center Contact Digit How Does Digit Work? Details on how Digit works behind the scenes to help you save effortlessly My Digit Account / Settings This section helps you manage your account preferences Connecting My Bank to Digit How to get your checking account connected to your Digit account Goals Saving for a Rainy Day...and the phone bill....and concert tickets...and back to school shopping... Paying Credit Card Debt with Digit This section is about connecting your credit card to Digit to save towards your monthly credit card bill. Paying Student Loan Debt with Digit Details on student loans savings goals and connecting to your student loan account About Digit Information on who we are here at team Digit and what we do Common Questions Definitions of debits from Digit Getting Started With Digit How does Digit work? How long does it take to get money back into my checking account from Digit? Why is my transfer listed as pending? How do I close my account? How long does my credit card payment take to post? Digit's security practices How much does Digit cost? How do I contact Digit regarding my account? Digit Help Center

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