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 Dig Inn / https://www.diginn.com Dig Inn / https://www.diginn.com
Dig Innhttps://www.diginn.com

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We serve seasonal American food, mostly vegetables, from farmers and partners as close to home as possible.

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Dig (DNS lookup) - G Suite toolbox / https://toolbox.googleapps.com › apps › dig Dig (DNS lookup) - G Suite toolbox / https://toolbox.googleapps.com › apps › dig
Dig (DNS lookup) - G Suite toolboxhttps://toolbox.googleapps.com › apps › dig


Wikipedia Wikipedia

Dig web interface / https://www.digwebinterface.com Dig web interface / https://www.digwebinterface.com
Dig web interface Hostnames or IP addresses: Type: UnspecifiedAAAAAANYAXFRCNAMEMXNSPTRSOATXTReverseAA6AAAAAFSDBAPLATMACAACERTCNAMEDNAMEDNSKEYDSEIDGIDGPOSHINFOISDNKEYKXLOCMBMDMFMGMINFOMRMXNAPTRNIMLOCNSECNSEC3NSEC3PARAMNULLNSNSAPNSAP-PTRNXTOPTPTRPXRPRRSIGRTSIGSINKSOASPFSRVSSHFPTKEYTLSATSIGTXTUIDUINFOUNSPECWKSX25 Options: Show command Colorize output Stats Trace Sort alphabetically Short No recursive Only first nameserver Compare output Save to file Show IP geolocation DNSSEC Nameservers: Resolver: DefaultAT&T (US)CloudFlareComodo (US)GoogleHiNet (TW)OpenDNSQuad9Securolytics (CA)UUNET (CH)UUNET (DE)UUNET (UK)UUNET (US)Verisign (US)Yandex (RU) All Authoritative NIC Specify myself:       Tips: After clicking "Dig" the URL contains the information you have entered and can therefore be shared. This also means you can select your preferred type, options and nameservers (but leave hostnames blank) and click "Dig". Bookmark the following page, and it will contain your settings. It is also possible to put your query in the URL as https://digwebinterface.com/hostname/type/nameserver. Hostname is required but type and nameserver are optional. Should you have a URL or e-mail address click "Fix" to convert it to the clean hostname. An underlined letter indicates a keyboard shortcut. Use it to (un)select the corresponding option. The shortcut for the "Dig" button is Q, for "Reset" it is 0, and for "Fix" it is X. Hovering over an option, you will get an explanation of the usage. The same can be done with TTLs and record types in the output. Clicking a record type will take you to the appropriate RFC. Clicking on a hostname in the output will add it to the hostnames list. Clicking on a nameserver will add it to the "Specify myself" list. Hovering over an IP address will display the geolocation (data from lite.ip2location.com). If you select "Show IP geolocation", you will see a flag next to IP addresses. Clicking the flag takes you to the whois for the IP. Fair usage policy: This tool is not intended for automated lookups. Any other usage is in general welcome and free. To prevent abuse a CAPTCHA needs to be solved for every 100 lookups in a 24 hour period. Failing to solve it may result in a temporary ban. Funding and ads: As this tool is run on private funds donations are appreciated. The ads also help pay the bills but you can disable them for two weeks. You can also disable the Facebook and donate buttons. About:This online interface to dig was created by Martin Holk Rasmussen. I welcome your comments and suggestions!   Your donation help keep this site alive!  

Dig | Definition of Dig at Dictionary.com / https://www.dictionary.com › browse › dig Dig | Definition of Dig at Dictionary.com / https://www.dictionary.com › browse › dig
Dig | Definition of Dig at Dictionary.comhttps://www.dictionary.com › browse › dig

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